Advisory Committee

There are two members of different professions selected by the General Body for three years. Advisory committee is to advice the executive committee while the organizations face any critical crises or problems and plans.

Executive Committee

General Body elected seven members of executive committee for two years. Executive committee meets once in a month to discuss the development of organizational activities, take part in policymaking process, development and take initiative to implement of the different activities of the organization and solve problems. The executive committee remains accountable to the general body and the chairman remains accountable to the executive committee.

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OCAB Society - A typical Bengali term, "Person with Deep Sympathy to all creature of great Allah/God". A Family Health and Nutrition Program for Poor People, OCAB is a National Non-Government Organization (NGO), established in 2003 with initiative of present Secretary General of the organization Md.Ashraf Hossain, B.S.S (Hon's) M.S.S (Economics). L.L.B. OCAB operates from Dhaka office (Head Quarter), in the heart of the Dhaka city of Bangladesh. The organization come into being in the face of degrading socio ecological reality of Bangladesh with specific mission based to sustain natural resource, livelihood and food security for the resource of poor and uphold human rights for the socially disadvantage community with focus of women.


firefox Bangladesh our motherland we feel proud to be a citizen of such a fertile country. But due to illiteracy, ignorance and inadequate health service facilities more then 62% people of the country are suffering with different health hazards. This suffering people themselves could reduce if they become aware and active for nutritious food easily available enclosure. Knowledge, attitude and Behavior Change Communication (BCC) with specific direction may change the situation within a cumulative period of action. Commitment and initiative of the present government in the health sector especially in the nutrition areas is encouraging to build up a healthy nation. National Nutrition Program (NNP) is such a government effort to reduce chronic hunger, Malnutrition emphasizing children and pregnant mother, micronutrients deficiency including iron, diet related communicable and non-communicable disease etc. Implementation of such project with the people for the benefit of them by themselves would obviously develop a healthy and active community.

Nutrition is a key factor to our future. It is a universal factor, which affects as it defines- the health of all beings. It is therefore critically important. The nutrition profile of a population is inextricably linked with fits over all health status. It is thus imperative that National Governments and International health organizations recognize and identify the nutritional problems that are afflicting deferent groups. Importantly, first hand data of the demographic, dietary and health characteristics of a population should be readily available. More than 50% of all child mortality is linked to malnutrition.